Natalia Yañez-Stiel is a freelance, self-taught illustrator with a love for hand-drawn fine line work and colour. Her intricate and detailed illustrations are inspired by the beauty of food, nature, and everyday objects, which she often draws and organises in bright, fun, and explorable collections and colourful arrangements. Her finely textured illustrations range from sardines and chiles to tropical fruits and whimsical animals. Buildings and maps are two of her other favourite things to draw.
Having spent the first years working with micron pen and paper, she now works digitally and can be found drawing away on her iPad in her home in London where she lives with her husband, two boys and her two family cats, Yaya and Benji.
Selected Clients - Town & Country Magazine, Yard Sale Pizza, The Spectator, and The Garden Museum.

If you’d like to say hello, or to license or commission any work please do contact Natalia: hello(at)natdrawsthis.co.uk.

Alongside her commission work, she makes and sells her own prints and illustrated goods featuring whimsical figures and charming objects, which she sells in her online shop Natdrawsthis.

Find and follow her on Instagram at @natdrawsthis to see her most recent work.